The new normal is here. Be Everywhere!

Create your human proxy in the real world. Experience any place you want to through your proxgy as if you were physically there

What is proxgy?

Ever wondered if you could be at multiple places at once. View Sydney Opera House Live at 7 am IST, shop Live in Russia and dropship their famous vodka to yourself at 9:30 am IST, attend a real estate property tour in Brazil at 3 pm IST followed by a visit to Comic Con in San Francisco at 6:30 pm IST and finally close the day by experiencing Northern Lights Live in Sweden at 9 pm IST. All this from the place of your Zen, without having to step out of your home or compromise on your experience. Do everything in a single day or every day… LIVE, ASSISTED and PERSONALIZED.

Proxgy enables you to experience life and interact with the World on a hitherto unthought of tangent. With a combination of Live Assisted Commerce providing Everywhere as a Service (EaaSe), you can shop, travel, recce, research, visit real estate and virtually teleport yourself to anyplace of choice at a moment’s notice.


Services, We Provide

When we say ‘be everywhere’, we mean it!


Shop till you drop, but let Proxgy do it for you! Experience real-time shopping from the comfort of your home!

New Car

Want to buy a new car but can’t go to the showroom? Proxgy can bring the showroom to you!

Pre-owned Car

Buying a Pre-owned car was never this easy! Leave the deal to Proxgy.

New Bike

Now buy your brand-new bike sitting at home. Proxgy will bring the entire showroom to you!


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Live Assist

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Are your stars aligned? What do they say? Use Proxgy to connect to an astrologer and know what the future has in store for you!

Performance Coaches
Coming Soon

Maintain effective employee and supervisory relationships by allowing Proxgy to connect you to a performance coach.

Real Estate
Coming Soon

Immersive, in-depth viewings and thorough real-time navigation – Proxgy’s virtual real estate visits make property tours a cakewalk!

Pre-owned Bike
Coming Soon

Buying a Pre-owned Bike? Allow us to help you get the best deal!

Coming Soon

Unable to visit your favourite destination? Travel virtually with Proxgy and take in the sights and sounds from the comfort of your home!


What can a Proxgy do for me?

Book your Human Proxy at any place in the real world at a moment’s notice.
Your Proxgy assists you LIVE for shopping, travel guidance, real estate & recce, among other use cases


Your proxgy can help you select the best product from your favorite shop. You can also pay and reserve your chosen items at the shop via your proxgy app which you can pick later or get it delivered.


Simply log in to your Proxgy app and book a Proxgy to explore a place unexplored by you and your family. Travel the streets live, experience the culture by casting the proxgy app’s video feed to your television.

Real Estate

Use your proxgy to confirm the visual sighting of any site, premise, billboard or perform a general check on your property.


Book a proxgy to collect or deliver something on your behalf. You keep a close watch on your Proxgy on your proxgy app. Giving you complete peace of mind.


Proxgies Personified

Proxgy for Business

Grow your business and win customer loyalty with Proxgy.

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Proxgy for Influencers

Engage and monetize your network and expand your audience base.

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Proxgy for News & Media

Get your bytes in a bit.

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Proxgy for Real estate

Get on demand visual site visits for all your listings

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