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Proxgy for Shopping

A fast pace service to match your fast-paced life. Simplify your life by letting your Proxgy help you shop while you enjoy a lazy Sunday.

Our Proxgy enabled stores offer you a guided tour through the instore proxgies, giving you a personalised shopping experience. Use the casting option to view the stream on a bigger screen for a better experience. You can also use your Proxgy app to pay for your purchase and get your purchase delivered to you or have the store keep it safely for you to pick it up later.

Download and register on Proxgy app on your smartphone to get your very own Proxgy. Book a Proxgy using Shopping on your Proxgy app. If the store of your choice is not on Proxgy yet, let us know about this store here so we can reach out to them for a better experience. You can still use the errands option to enjoy the shopping at that store.

Once connected, guide your Proxgy to accomplish the tasks through our immersive 360’ camera technology. What’s more, you can communicate live with your Proxgy and get him to navigate in real word.