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Proxgy is a first of its kind global service which enables its users to book a real-world human avatar any time at every serviceable place, and navigate the physical world while sitting at home, with an immersive experience in a live manner.

We aim to change the way people navigate through their daily outdoor tasks by hailing a Proxgy through the Proxgy user app which links the user to their virtual avatar.

With Proxgy, you can experience the virtual world like the real world in a first-person view. Starting out as a dorm-room service for the elderly, Proxgy has now expanded its services across multiple cities and verticals, encompassing dedicated tasks like shopping, virtual travel, elderly care, real estate viewing, remote KYC, car servicing and generic tasks like running errands and many other B2B/B2C services.

So, sit in the comfort of your homes and let your virtual avatar do your job for you – be it shopping or running errands. Travel around the globe with Proxgy while you relax on your favourite couch, as you navigate at your own pace. Proxgy prides itself on giving its members the best services.

Proxgy is currently in beta and is accepting limited users every day. You can request early access by visiting or downloading the Proxgy app, which is available on both Android and iOS. So, create your account today! Leave your details with us and get an exclusive invite from us soon.

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