Proxgy Ping

World’s first Escrow service for video handle address directory. Protect your privacy while enjoying your freedom and convienience.

Introducing UVCI

Universal Video Conferencing Identifier ©

UVCI is a single address that connects all your video conferencing addresses into one. You no longer need to remember or share your multiple chat handles depending on which service you are currently using.

UVCI protects your privacy and gives you convienience and freedom of conencting with anyone anytime by just entering a unique identifer.

Don’t have access to Proxgy Lite, Pro or Luxe? Or just have a one time work conencting to someone who is not on your phone list, or you don’t know the video chatid of the other person or store ?

Search on Proxgy Ping, World’s largest directory of software independent video connect addresses and drop in a message/chat on their video service. The message gets sent to whichever video call service the other person is currently active on, and if they reply, you both are shown each other’s video connect handles you are respectively active upon...


You can now connect with them as per your mutual ease.