Our Proxgy Team

We don’t define us as a team. It’s a family of diverse individuals from various skill sets and ethnicities. We do not know who said this, and even if its true “If a friendship lasts for more than 7 years, it will last a lifetime.” Most of us know each other for years more than that!

Pulkit Ahuja
Founder, Chief Dreamer

A former rising star in one of the World’s largest Car Rental companies and a serial entrepreneur in disruptive technologies, this guy is a published author, inventor and dreamer.

Inderjit Makkar
Data Science & Product Manufacturing

The Data Samurai who worked as Associate Director with a Fortune 500 Listed company and a young entrepreneur at heart. He makes data reveal its secrets by reading between the lines.

Tanya Dias
Human Relations & Investor Relations

A seasoned professional and our Proxgy to world. Also a resourceful human at handling Human Resources.

Praveen Sharma

A hard-worker who puts wheels to your dream. With immense experience in operations, he is the guy behind proxgy's outreach to its clients.

The BD Guy

Makes the right moves and has the right vision. Brick by brick, making Proxgy bigger and better each day.

Marketing Maverick

With a flair for marketing and the uncanny, he comes packed with a zing of all flavors authentic.

Kunal Kataria
R&D Manager

A crazy artist at work. A heavy metal fan who is the right match to give 3D form to proxgy’s outlandish ideas.

Manoj Upadhyay
Manager - SEO

A foodie in love with his work. Like a true gentleman, he guides thousands of web searches to their rightful destination, Proxgy!.

Udita Madan
Senior Content Writer

Her words speak for themselves. Armed with a fab vocab, Proxgy’s very own storyteller pens down our amazing journey.

Atoshi Basak
The IoT Girl

Prodigy girl, making gadgets dance to her tune. Adding life to things and leading internet of things at Proxgy.

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