Proxgy for Media & Entertainment

Entertainment is what keeps the world going. It reduces anxiety, depression, boosts positive emotions and also has the ability to calm and relax people. If there’s any industry that has really evolved with the changing times, it is entertainment.

With advancement in technology, the entertainment industry too has picked up the pace and has taken everything that comes into its fold to the next level. The latest game in the bag is Virtual Reality, or VR as we know it.

Entertainment, today, has become synonymous with virtual reality. This is because all its elements – whether it is movies, music, news, theatre, amusement parks, galleries, gaming – you name it – have incorporated VR so well, that it has become a part and parcel of its very name.

Virtual reality has made entertainment so much more immersive and personalized, which enhances the experience of the audience. So much so, that it has definitely become the next frontier of the entertainment industry.

At Proxgy, we believe that entertainment is an important part of our lives and we strive to bring it to our members by packaging it in a unique way. The Proxgy app will allow you to get up-close and personal with your favourite news channels, media houses, and trendsetters around the world, so that you never have to go through another ‘FOMO’ moment.

So, prepare to be entertained and stay abreast with the latest from around the world. Follow your favourite fashionistas, news channels, media houses, travellers and fact-checkers on the Proxgy app.

Download and register on the Proxgy app on your smartphone to get your very own virtual avatar!

Coming soon: Online movie theatre for cinema