IIoT Hardware Layer

Capitalise on the ecosystem of Proxgy’s proprietary tech. Introducing a range of smart IIoT devices which are custom made to solve unique business problems. These devices blend in with your existing workflows to provide an easy plug and play solution.

Our ecosystem is totally reliable for IIoT Hardware solutions...

Every hardware solution is built with a focus on the problems of today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Industrial should not mean boring. Our design team ensures that Proxgy’s hardware solutions don’t miss out on being desirable as well.


Built with a keen eye on the problem. After careful diagnosis, each device can be customised to provide a comprehensive solution.


Creative blend of man and machine. Each device is ergonomically designed and ensure it adds to the productivity of the workforce.

Safe & Secure

Added tech to safety devices. Our hardware solutions provide a creative tech extension to devices already tested for global safety standards.