How it works?

You can use our Proxgy Services via Android & IOS apps or Website. Once you set up your account you will be able to

  1. Shop
  2. Travel Virtually
  3. Run Errands
  4. Follow various Travellers, Fashionista’s, Stores etc.
  5. Get Entertained watching various channels.

We connect you to the nearest available “Real World Proxy or Avatar” using our app. We like to call them Proxgy. We use a network of on-site proprietary technology along with human interactions to give you on-demand, immersive real-time experience through a user-friendly application on your device.

Once you make a booking you will be able to guide your Proxgy to complete your task and upon completion of the task you shall be able to rate your experience.

Proxgy are the independent professionals who like to share their time with you for your tasks. They neither see you nor have the access to your number. This ensures your privacy is not invaded. They are driven by the terms and conditions as listed.