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Proxgy for Everything Else

We live in a fast-paced world. There are always a hundred things to do, not to forget the thousand other things on your mind, but hardly any time to do all of it. The 24 hours always fall short, don’t they?

Then there are days when a lot of your daily tasks are left forgotten because of some other important work. Even though life is much simpler thanks to smartphones, we are always looking for that one thing that would make it just that little bit more convenient.

Well, your wishes have come true! Proxgy is the world’s first visual commerce platform that will assist you in doing everything that you don’t find time for otherwise, be it for any reason – it could be work or it could be family commitments.

Every time you want our help, just log in through the user app and book a Proxgy. We will connect you to your very own virtual avatar whom you can guide at your own pace and get things done, while sitting in the comfort of your home.

We offer a myriad of services for our members, like:

  1. Errands
  2. Shopping
  3. Virtual Travel
  4. Elderly Care
  1. Media and Entertainment
  2. Real Estate Viewings
  3. Remote KYC and many more.

There are times when one would prefer to go with a blank canvas. In this case, feel free to explore something new on our user app.

Did not find what you were looking for? We do have a tab for ‘Everything else’ on the Proxgy app.

We look forward to you being a part of the Proxgy family!