Proxgy Offers the unique platform for all the event management companies. Now you can host your event online with free and paid broadcast possibilities. Along with the technology we also allow you to promote your event using the Hustle Suite . Now you can schedule an events like musical shows, theatre, virtual exhibitions (Virtual Expo), Car or bike launch Events. What more you can also create your Business account and hold the exclusive events. So if you are event management company, a band group, theatre group or artist we have a channel for you.

How To Schedule Events

For Scheduling event you need to sign up for the Proxgy for Business Account. Then using the Hustle Suite Create the event , and select

  1. Free or Paid event
  2. Limited Users or Open Event
  3. Any Co Partners/Co performers for Event
  4. Duration of the event

Upload the list of invitees and send them the customised email or SMS or both. On the date and time of the event Click Start Event and you are live !!

Signup with Proxgy for your event and avail special offers