Proxgy for Elderly Care

The global pandemic has changed the daily routines of the elderly, the care and support they receive, their ability to stay socially engaged and how they are perceived. It is, therefore, important to foster better medical care for the elderly across the world and equip them with better facilities that would help them age in a healthier way.

We are aware that the health of the elderly people cannot be monitored in isolation. Since Proxgy started as a dorm-room service primarily for the elderly, we take utmost care to prioritise an elderly care request, especially during these testing times.

While we are sure that you are taking complete caution when it comes to caring for the elders at your home, we also understand that juggling work and family can be a struggle.

This is where Proxgy can be your very own ‘Man Friday’. All you need to do is put in a request for medical care and your Proxgy avatar will be at your service. You can also request a Proxgy to accompany the elders for their appointments to doctors or for other medical errands. Please note:

  1. A Proxgy can only be tasked with getting medical supplies based on prescriptions. Medicines will only be delivered to the patient mentioned in the prescription.
  2. A Proxgy can also be tasked to accompany elders for their pre-planned appointments to their respective doctors or during transit.

Proxgy acknowledges the importance of provision of quality assured healthcare services for the elderly. Book your Proxgy now!

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