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Create your human proxy in the real world.Experience any place you want to through your proxgy as if you were physically there



Have you been hiring agencies for doing the physical address verification ?? Now Proxgy lets you do that in shortest possible time and with a video and photographs with geo and time stamp ! How It Works With Proxgy Business account simply book a Proxgy for the location that you would like to verify. Our Proxgy once there will start relaying you a live feed from the Smart Helmet. You may choose to download or click the photographs from live feed which will carry the Time and the Geo Stamp. You may also let your Proxgy seek the relevant details like asking the basic KYC questions, stay history or the family details as necessary. And Voila! Your customer’s KYC is done and you have got the real time video and the location details for future. Now get the confirmation in minutes for which earlier you had to wait at-least a day. What more now you can use Proxgy to verify the billboards with your ads displaying at any time and store the proof. This is what we call wonders of Visual Commerce!