Proxgy Community

Equal opportunity environment

Proxgy believes in creating equal environment void of any prejudice, bias, and preference. We take pride in welcoming users and proxgies from all walks of life. Our endeavour is to provide a best Proxgy experience to our riders, users, investors, suppliers, partners and society.

The proxgies and the users interact in an ecosystem based on experience and ratings on satisfaction on previous interactions. This algorithm is free running and work assignment is done based on previous ratings shared by the users. No intervention is made to control or alter the ratings given by the users.

The user ratings are no way a reflection of a person’s attributes and character. We see the ratings as our opportunity to support our partner improving the engagement with users.

Making lives better

Proxgy community is working tirelessly round the clock to make life better each day. All our riders, partners, suppliers, and users have a common belief of adding more life to every minute. Our goal will always be to make the best use of technology to make your Proxgy experience exemplary, seamless, and gratifying.

Our community is happy to bring you your groceries while you are at home to help your child with homework. This community helps plan your dream vacation by taking a sneak peek into a travel destination before you book it. Our community lets you multitask, make smarter decisions, save time and spend wiser; thereby living a healthy, stress free and happy life.

Proxgy community brings entertainment, travel, shopping at your fingertips. So, go ahead and enjoy things that matter more in your life, while the community takes care of the rest.

Be a part of this community.