Proxgy for Business

Proxgy is world’s first Visual Commerce company. With the ever changing economic and social environment traditional businesses today have the opportunity remove the disparity between online and offline businesses. As a business owner you can now provide your customers a unique experience of transacting online from an actual store.

Proxgy offers the unique single platform for businesses to engage, market and sell using the Proxgy services.

When you sign up for Proxgy Business, our Proxgy Hustlers will help you set up your Business account on Proxgy. As a business you will have access to

1. Proxgy Exclusive Channel

Promote your store and hold exclusive sales preview, new product launches. Play your promotional videos.

2. Instore Proxgy Capabilities

Have Instore Proxgy capabilities to directly engage with your customers. Give personalised attention to your customers. Help your customers select the best suited products from your store.

3. Proxgy SaaS Platform

Manage your customer engagement via E-mailers & SMS. Schedule online Events like sales preview, new product launches etc.

4. Secured Payments

Collect your payments through the app instantly.

Instore Proxgies help you scale up your business and attract new customers. Your store executives can act as a Proxgy and provide Augmented Reality experience to your customers where they can visit your shop virtually.

As a business owner, get the opportunity to create an exclusive channel for your store on the Proxgy app. A state-of-the-art slot reservation engine helps you to connect seamlessly and manage customer slots on a store level, where your store executives can fully engage in closing deals with the interested customers.

Once connected via Proxgy app, your Instore Proxgies can give a customised tour to your customers during that booking slot. These slots help you connect directly with your customers, answer their questions real-time and help them close the sale right away.

Proxgy, in partnership with you, provides a one of its kind experience and superior customer delight to even the remotest of your customers .

As business owners, you constantly toggle between various platforms for your customer communications. Proxgy gives you a unique platform to engage with your customer groups through SMSs or Emails. What more, our Hustlers help you to design and execute these campaigns. You will be able to schedule your various online events like new product launch, sales preview etc.

Proxgy SaaS Platform also provides you access to analytics on your user’s interests and preferences.


Signup with Proxgy for Business

Make your business Proxgy enabled. Open doors to Proxgy's subscribers and increase customer's "footfall" in your store. Give your customers live product demo with an immersive experience and let them explore your product range through their Proxgies.

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