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We all feel powerless at times, but no matter who we are or what our situation is, we can most certainly make a difference! Providing assistance to someone during difficult times is one of the best ways to be of service.

We, at Proxgy, believe in giving opportunities to everyone. While our users get to experience the luxury of shopping and travelling anywhere and everywhere while sitting at their homes, we also give you the opportunity to BECOME a Proxgy!

Helping others in their time of need is considered a gift, and we are giving you the chance to become the eyes and ears of people around the world and assist them with their daily errands. As our users’ virtual avatar, you will also get to show them around your town and take them to places you know best. What better than being paid for shopping and travelling!

That’s not all! There are other benefits too - you get to do your job at your own time, earn on a daily basis, and also have the option of working part-time or full-time. You will get to be your own boss, work on flexible timings, be able to do new tasks every day and also get global recognition! It’s always good to have someone around who can help you when the going gets tough and with Proxgy, you can be that person.

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